Twitch Schedule: Week of April 18, 2021

Ok, time to start sharing my Twitch schedules with y’all! Forgive this post for its brevity. These days I realise (and accept) that I will sometimes have to substitute analysis for consistency. I’m sure you understand!

On Today’s menu:

• Baked Chicken with Guava Jam, Rosemary & Lime Zest

• Coconut-Creamed Corn & Brown Rice

• Mochi Cakes

On Friday’s Pre-Birthday Subathon!

• Fried Salmon & Pa Jeon Waffles

• Lime-Pepper Sauce

• Stuffed Melongene (prep)

• Butter Rice (prep)

• Tiramisu Cheesecake

Recipes for dishes prepared on-stream are available via link as long as the replays are publicly available, after that the recipes are archived on my Discord for Twitch subscribers and on this site for Patreon patrons exclusively.

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