Trinidad Independence Day Menu [MENU PLAN]

Trinidad & Tobago Flag
Opening of the Churchill-Roosevelt/Uriah Butler Interchange, May 1 2009

August 31st is Trinidad’s Independence Day. This year’s menu is a trifecta of the new, the old, and a new twist on an old favourite 🙂 What will yours be this year? 🙂

I do have a quick confession to make however. I will not be personally making this menu this year. In fact, for the first time ever, I will be celebrating our nation’s Independence in Tobago! I am very curious to see what Independence celebrations will consist of there, and if you have any recommendations, please share them with me via email, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! 🙂

Sarina's Independence Day Sugar Cakes
Sarina’s Spinach-Ginger Salad (recipe)
Bertie’s Trinidad Pelau (recipe)
Sarina’s Independence Day Sugar Cakes (recipe) 

To learn more about Independence Day Celebrations in Trinidad, as well as the Independence Day Movement visit the Independence Day portal at the National Library website.

Trinidad & Tobago’s flag is raised for the 1st time & the 1st Parliament is inaugurated

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