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Wine Clubs in Trinidad and Tobago?

I am clueless about wine. Utterly clueless. In fact I only just realized that some is red and some is not…. (ok not -that- bad but believe me I’m pretty bad). Last year there seemed to be an explosion of niche wine stores and wine clubs here in Trinidad. I almost began to feel that maybe I could get the hang of this wine thing. Start saying things like ‘an insolent bouquet’ and ‘jaunty sparkle’ with a straight face while others ooh’d and aah’d… but now it appears that many of those clubs are no longer in operation? Most notably the More Vino club [1] no longer appears on their website. At this point the only club I can still find information on is the Newsday Wine Club [2].

If you know of other Wine Clubs within Trinidad and Tobago leave a comment [3]. Thanks 😀
By hook or by crook I -will- slowly lose my ‘winey’ ignorance in 2007 😀

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