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West Indian Bread Recipes

Through the years I have assembled more than a few West Indian bread recipes and have decided it is high time to compile them into their own post! Please note that I am more than aware that the current listing is far from exhaustive. As a result I am dividing it into two parts which will be continually updated. If you don’t see a recipe here that you would like me to add to the site please leave me a comment [1] so that I can add it to my ever-growing “to cook” list 🙂

TriniGourmet’s West Indian Bread Recipes (in alphabetical order)

Banana Bread (recipe) [2]

Very light, spongy and deliciously moist. The banana flavour was milder and subtler than I expected, and the raisins added just the right amount of sweetness.

Cassava Pone (recipe) [3]

Mmm pone. A sinfully sweet childhood memory. Not a pudding, not a cake, but something somewhere in between. Pones are usually made from root vegetables. You can also make them with carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin [4]

Coconut Bake (recipe) [5]

For me Coconut bake generates memories of Sunday mornings and warm Milo or some other form of hot chocolate. What memories does Coconut Bake have for you? [6] 🙂

Coconut Rock Buns (recipe) [7]

I don’t know why coconut rock buns appeal to me so much. I think in part it’s because of the contrast of the homely rough-hewn exterior which belies the soft airy texture of the insides. Or maybe it’s the sweet sugary crust which perfectly complements the coconut infused, raisin-studded flavours? Who knows? It may take a lifetime of consumption for me to find the answer 🙂

Cornbread – Sarina’s Peppery Paprika (recipe) [8]

Growing up I never thought of cornbread as a particularly West Indian dish however it seems to have a place in the bread section of every Caribbean Cookbook that I own so I’m going to roll with it 🙂 This particular recipe is one of my attention and has a little spicy kick that goes great with savoury dishes.

Fried Bake (recipe) [9]

Fried bake (also known as float) is a popular breakfast bread throughout the West Indies. It’s also an essential part of Trinidad’s most famous beach food. I don’t even want to know the calorie count!

Trinidad Dosti Roti – a valiant attempt (recipe) [10]

Dosti means friendship in Hindi, and in this recipe the two rotis are cooked together, making them friends! 🙂 (at least until they are torn apart and eaten 😛 )

Trinidad Hops Bread (recipe) [11]

Hops is the most basic of breakfast breads/buns here in Trinidad. I have no idea how it got its name, maybe it has to do with the lengthy yeast development stage before flour is added? Its distinctive smell, taste and shape I think are some of the earliest memories of morning for many a Trini child.

Trinidad Sugar Buns (recipe) [12]

LIght and fluffy with a thin ultra-sweet crust.

Trinidad Sada Roti (recipe) [13]

This is a plain roti, made of white flour. Because it is the simplest roti to make, it is the most commonly consumed roti in Trinidad. It is a popular breakfast option in Trinidad, in combination with tomato choka, baigan choka (eggplant), and other vegetable dishes.

Wholewheat Bake Wholewheat Bake (recipe) [14]

Hearty by nature, its heavy crumb it keeps you feeling satisfied for hours. Especially when taken with a savory topping. My version here, raises the fiber content through a healthy dose of wholewheat flour.

Recipes to come (if you see a recipe listed here rest assured that it will be on the site in due time, no need to ‘rush meh’ 🙂 )

Biscuit Cake [15]
Carrot Bread
Cassava Bread/Jamaican Bammie
Coconut Roll
Coconut Sweetbread [16]
Currant Rolls
Dominican Mastiff Bread
Jam Buns – reader request
Jamaican Toto – reader request
Mango Bread
Orange Date Bread
Trinidad Butter Loaf [17]

Am I leaving anything out? What else do you want to see? Do let me know [1]!

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