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Veni Mangé

Veni Mangé (VEN-ee MAR-jay), a Trinidadian creole expression for “Let’s Eat”, sums up the ethos of TriniGourmet.com [1]

As a self-taught devotee of all things culinary I enjoy finding new ways to express my own Trinidadian and Jamaican heritages in the kitchen.
On these pages it is my hope that I will successfully be able to convey my love of cooking, culture and international cuisine 🙂

How do I plan to do this? Well through sharing my own personal favorite recipes and ‘food porn’ *chuckle*

I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Like many of you I am budget-conscious and health-conscious and the dishes I prepare will to a large extent reflect these concerns. All recipes will be prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary law, i.e. kashrut [2], but fear not, they will also be extremely flavorful and imaginative. This is after all ‘fusion cuisine’ and I am after all an ‘island girl’!

So… without further adoo… let the games begin!


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Passionate foodie, founder of Trinigourmet and Caribbean Lifestyle Maven. Author of "Glam By Request: 30+ Easy Caribbean Recipes" [5]