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Trinigourmet’s Gifts For Foodie Friends!

Last year I was delighted to be included in the November/December issue of Caribbean Beat magazine [1]. The article by Franka Phillip [2] called “Gifts for Foodie Friends” included my recommendation of a “butane torch” [3], along with the suggestions of several other Caribbean foodies across the diaspora.

Now, for the first time, I am sharing the complete list of items which I had presented 🙂

Trinigourmet’s Gifts For Foodie Friends!

1. Silpat Silicone Sheet

Silicone sheets are indispensable for any foodie who doesn’t want to wrestle with stuck on food, either as a result of baking or roasting. With a silicone sheet even the most wafer thin tuiles [4] slides off with ease. And with a heat resistance of up to 482F, you can rest assured that it will hold up under almost every oven situation you will face. Many brands and options of silicone sheet exist but after using a Demarle Silpat [5] you’ll realize why it’s the choice of professional chefs and foodies galore. 

2. Pasta Roller Attachment

It’s a moment that almost every foodie will face during their culinary journey. The lure of freshly homemade pasta [6]. There comes a point where all of us wonder if we can do it ourselves. Will it taste better (yes). Is it hard? (not with the right gadgets!). Although stand alone pasta machines (both manual and motorized) exist, the best introduction I think is a pasta attachment for a regular stand mixer that is present in almost all homes. KitchenAid makes one that Mario Batali used on-air regularly [7] (and that’s a good enough endorsement for me)

3. Butane Chef Torch

Cooking gets downright sexy when one is able to wield fire and steel. With a flick of your finger and a twist of the wrist you’ll be able to get the perfect golden tips on your meringues, not to mention the ultimate crackling golden amber crusts to your cremes brulees. If you are feeling particularly flashy, nothing will make a get-together as unforgettable as the moment when you whip out your torch and flame each guest’s serving before their eyes. Voila!

In my research one torch appeared to stand prominently at that sweet spot of affordability and reliability [8].

This list is far from comprehensive though. Why not leave a comment to let me know “What’s the best foodie gift you’ve received?” What’s On Your Dreamlist? I’d love to hear! 🙂

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