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TriniGourmet Q&A #5: Where to buy Doubles in NYC?

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Reader’s Question: I used to work in St. James where there were at least half a dozen doubles stands in less than a quarter mile. I had 2 Every Morning. Now I’m in New York City– does anyone know where I can get my doubles fix? I’m too scared to make them myself, and I’m dying without them!

TriniGourmet’s Answer: Although the recipe for Trinidad Doubles [14] is the most popular one here in TriniGourmet, not everyone has the time or the inclination to make it from scratch. This reader’s question is one that I am sure many have which is why I am featuring it here. As I have not been to NYC in many years I am turning the question over to you my readers. Where do you think are the best places to buy doubles in NYC? Please post your reply by commenting on this post [15] (rather than sending an email) so that the answers can be saved for posterity and viewable by all. Thanks! 🙂

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