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Taste of T&T 2008

Taste of T&T 2008

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since Taste T&T was held. What a year it’s been! Those of you have been with me a while may remember that it was just after the last Taste T&T [1] that I was unceremoniously booted from my last webhost, for being ‘too popular’. Ever since then I’ve been hosted on GoDaddy [2] with no problems so far *knocks wood*.

Last year’s Taste of Trinidad and Tobago [1] was an utter blast, not only was the food experience one of a kind, I also got to meet up with fellow bloggers Chennette [3] and Lilandra [4]. This year the gathering will hopefully be even larger. Not only will I be carrying my fave boy ‘J’ in tow, it looks like I’ll also get to finally meet Can Cook Must Cook [5] and Karel of CaribbeanPRBlog [6] fame. W00t!

Now with my rising excitement you would never believe that up until yesterday I wasn’t even sure when Taste of T&T was being held this year. Somehow the buildup to this year’s event does not seem to be as frenzied as in year’s past, or is it just me?

Fortunately, asking a few questions led me to the festival’s official page [7], as well as enabled me to download the event’s menus [8] and info sheet [9].

Having learnt an important lesson from last year, this year J and I decided to buy tickets from two different groups, this will enable us to both experience a wider array of foods. Although I expected to be faced with numerous non-kosher options I was a little sad to see that vegetarian options were still few. With a wide variety of religious and spiritual groups vegetarians are hardly a rarity, it would be nice if in future festivals chefs were challenged to include a vegetarian main course amongst their offerings.

With that out of the way, let me just say that I am thoroughly excited for this year’s offerings 🙂 I was quite honoured to be approached to participate as a judge in the Iron Pot Spoon Throwdown, however my dietary restrictions forced me to recuse myself. I love what this festival has become and I also embrace and hope that it evolves into what it -can- be (*cough* St. Lucia *cough*).

As I’ll be at the event on Sunday I should have my full uncensored views and reportage uploaded early next week, stay tuned!

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