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Ramin Ganeshram’s Take on Holiday Christmas Cookies (article)

Posted By Sarina On December 26, 2010 @ 10:22 am In articles | Comments Disabled

I love checking out the various culinary stories from around the world that show up both in my Trinigourmet Times [1] and via iGoogle. They give me a glimpse into cultures and traditions from places I’ll probably never see, as well as spots right next door!

This week I stumbled across a story, published on NPR [2], from Ramin Ganeshram, author of the extremely popular Sweet Hands: Island Cooking from Trinidad and Tobago [3], that I thought you would enjoy :) In it she talks about combining her Trini and Iranian heritages with the American tradition of holiday cookies.

Excerpt:” A marriage of flavors from my West Indian heritage and homey methods traditional to the country of my birth, my Caribbean Christmas cookies have become a holiday ritual in my home. Now that my 5-year-old daughter is old enough to help, we make our tropical-flavored delights together. In fact, I already have the recipe cards all written out for her to pass down to her own children.”

Check out the full interview: Kitchen Window — Christmas Cookies Win A Trip To The Caribbean : NPR [4].

Like Ramin, I have not grown up with any tradition of ‘holiday cookies’ outside of picking up a tin of Danish Butter Cookies (which is non-negotiable!) so her fusions, which include Caribbean Sugar Cookies, Tropical Jam Thumbprints and Cocoa Tea Cakes look and sound divine beyond belief. I definitely know I’ll be giving them a try in 2011! :)

Check out the full interview: Kitchen Window — Christmas Cookies Win A Trip To The Caribbean : NPR [4].
Visit her blog at CookingTheCaribbean.com [5]

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