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My Top 3 Caribbean Baking Recipes for May :)

Chalk it up to my high functioning autism, or my devotion to High Fidelity, but I just LOVE making ‘best of’ and ‘top’ lists. This time around I’m making a list of my Fave 3 Caribbean baked goods for May. Why for June? Well no reason really, maybe cos my Top 3 is constantly evolving and changing. So this is just a snapshot really, hope you enjoy it 🙂

1. Wholewheat Bake (recipe) [1]

Simple. Hearty. Wholesome. I usually make this for Sunday breakfast. It’s buttery and very filling, and preparation is a cinch!

2. Coconut Bake [2]

When I run into people in ‘real life’. Many of them have cited this recipe as one of their faves. Well I have to confess it’s one of mine as well 🙂

3. Ciabatta Bread [3]

Although most people don’t think of Italian food and Caribbean as going together there -are- Italian communities to be found. Here in Trinidad, street names like Prada in the area of St. Clair are a testimony to the Italian immigrants of yore. One of my favorite eateries used to be Giovanni’s on Abercromby Street (then Tragarete Road, now Tunapuna?). Run by an Italian chef who fell in love with Trinidad, he at one point also resided at the Hotel Normandie’s Ciao [4]. Another great authentic Italian eatery is Ristorante Garibaldi [5], and rounding the bunch we also have Il Colesseo [6], Panini Café and Caffe del Mar at Crew’s Inn [7]. Recent arrivals also include Buzo [8] on Warner St, and over in Tobago there is La Cantina [9] with its wood burning brick oven. This recipe for Ciabatta Bread [3] creates a very light loaf, soft and chewy on the inside with a thin crunchy rustic crust. It’s been linked to by TheFreshLoaf.com [10] and so I’ve gotten quite a lot of traffic because of it. I hope that the visitors who try it like it as much as I do 😀

This post was originally published November 28, 2006. It has been updated once since then.

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