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Global Goodness (#3)

Balandra Bay, East Coast, TrinidadSpeedlinks to interesting stuff I’ve found on the INTERwebz 😛

1. Dragonfire has an excerpt [1] of Ramin Ganeshram’s excellent Sweet Hands: Island Cooking From Trinidad And Tobago (Hippocrene Cookbook Library) [2] on their site. Check it out [1] 🙂

2. After a brief disappearance dried sorrel is back in local supermarkets with a vengeance. Really interesting as Xmas (chief sorrel-making time) is still several months away. Through The Lens Trinidad and Tobago has a lovely photo [3]of the sorrel sepals being steeped.

3. As I’m always interested in articles on world food and wine I was quite happy to read the following article from Food & Wine magazine [4] on the World’s Best Chocolate. [5] The politics and espionage of cocoa production are also highlighted, which (much like the topic of child slavery) brings an interesting slant to a product that we tend to see in an overwhelmingly positive light. I’m happy to say that such issues are not a factor in local Trinidadian cocoa production!

4. AllRecipes.com [6] has a dedicated section for crock pot recipes [7]. I’m always looking for new dishes that can be prepared in a slow cooker so I’ll be going through this one more closely when I have more time 🙂

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