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Featured Chef: Ramin Ganeshram

Ramin GaneshramAloo Pie, Pigeon Peas & Rice, chow-chow?Ǩ Trinidadian food still is not well-known internationally, largely in part to a lack of published documentation (a fact which Trinifood expounds on here [1]). Fortunately Ramin Ganeshram‘s Sweet Hands: Island Cooking From Trinidad And Tobago [2]was released in 2005 and is probably the most internationally available cookbook devoted to traditional Trinidadian fare.

She took time out to tell GlobalChefs.com [3] about her part memoir, history and cookbook of Trinidad & Tobago

“Sweet Hands is a both a memoir, history and cookbook of Trinidad & Tobago. Some reviewers have described it as a tribute to my father as well. The book talks about the food history of this nation which is a true fusion of the cuisine of European colonials, African slaves, indentured Indian and Chinese, Syrian immigrants and native peoples. Each recipe has a story and a history that in itself is as interesting as the tastes of the food.”

You can read the full interview here [4].

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