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Current Poll: Which Provision Is Your Fave?

In my recent recipe post for “Dasheen Balls” [1] I shared that I haven’t always been a huge fan of what we here in the West Indies colloquially refer to as ‘Provisions’. I do have a weakness for cassava though, and breadfruit! Still, I’m slowly coming around to dasheen, and eddoes and green banana are still more miss than hit for my palate (I’m working on it though!). That’s why I would love to know which of the below are your faves! Your answers will give me a better idea of which provision-based recipes you may be excited to see in future posts 🙂

Which Provision Is Your Fave?

  • Cassava (30%)
  • All of the Above (26%)
  • Dasheen (13%)
  • Green Banana (11%)
  • Yam (10%)
  • Eddoes (9%)
  • None of the Above (2%)

Total Votes: 183

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Feel free to add more suggestions/requests in the comments as well!

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