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1987 Malta Carib Commercial (video)

Malta Carib has been a staple in my home since I was a child. Growing up I felt like quite a ‘big woman’ drinking it from the bottle (I had no idea it was non-alcoholic 😆 ). During the 80’s it was promoted not just as an energy booster, but also as an aid for students preparing for exams!

From CaribBeer.com [1]

Malta Carib is a full-bodied, refreshing non-alcoholic malt beverage that is rich in vitamins.

Malta Carib has a pleasant, sweet taste enhanced by a hint of bitterness derived from hops and is a wholly natural drink made from malted barley containing energy boosting carbohydrates, minerals and proteins all needed for physical well being.

Since its launch in May 1973, the brand has been a favourite with Trinbagonians both young and old and have always held a special place in every sportsman’s kit.

The trendy drink geared towards the energetic teen to adult market, promises to refresh individuals after sporting and other strenuous activities and is cool enough to drink while socializing. It encourages you to “Exceed Your Potential.”

Malta/Smalta is a non-fermented, malt beverage. It is a dark, sweet, lightly carbonated, non-alcoholic drink enhanced by a hint of bitterness derived from hops. It is a wholly natural drink made from malted barley and contains energy-giving carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins.

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